Khoja Obi Garm

Balneoclimatic health resort, 48 km far from Dushanbe. Located in the central part of southern slope of Gissar mauntain ridge, in the gorge of Khoja-ObiGarm River, 1740-1960 metre heigh above sealevel.

The climate is acutely continental. The winter is soft, with stable snow cover, summer is very warm. The average temperature is 2 in January, 24 in June. The spring and autumn are short. The precipitation is 800-1450 mm per a year, mainly in November - May. The average annual relative humidity is 49 57%. The number of sunshine hours is 25003000 per a year.

Picturesque environs of the resort, different woody and shrub vegetation (including walnut, plane tree, chesnut tree, black locust), waterfalls of mountain rivers create favourable conditions for the relexation. Alongside with the mountain climate the main natural therapeutic factor is thermal (6595) low-mineralized (0,4 0,5 g/l) nitric chloride hydrocarbonate and sulfate sodium waters, using for bath, douche, irrigation. A natural steam, freely coming out of the ground and representing low-mineralized chloride hydrocarbonate sodiium water with concentration of radon is also used for therapeutic application (temperature 92).

There is a professional sanatorium (with 370 places) for patients with illnesses of circulation organs, movement and support organs, nervous system, gynaecological illnesses. There are steam emanatoriums, balnearies (baths, douches, pools).

The Health Resort was established in 1935.