Obi Garm

100 km far to the east from Dushanbe along the left riverside of Obi-Elok mountain river that is tributary of Vaksh river there are tens of hot mineral springs. On the basis of one of this springs the health resort Obi Garm is located.

Research of physical and climatic properties of the ObiGarm spring waters started in 1931. The geologist Kurnigin V.V. made their first their description.

Mineral water is low-mineralized, alkaline, siliceous. Its chemical composition is similar to mineral water of Khoja Obi Garm, but the content of hydrogen sulfide is several time as much. It has likeness with water of Tskhaltuta health resort in Georgia. Water temperature is between 40-48 degree.

Obi Garm health resort is located 1300 metres above sea level and has good climatic conditions for cure of different ilnesses.

The resort has 200 places. Its territory has two dormitories, dining room, club, clinic and bath building.

Manipulation treatment: baths, pool, circular douche, gynealogical irrigation, underwater extract, ozocerite paraphinotherapy, massage, physiotherapy.


  • nervous system illnesses (lombalgia, lumbosacral radiculitis, polyneuritis, plexitis, polyradiculitis, neuritis);
  • illnesses of nervous peripheral vegetative system, nerve injury;
  • gynealogical illnesses (chronic salpingofarit, chronic metritis, pelvic adhesions, functional defect of ovary, barenness);
  • skin deseases (eczema, psoriasis);
  • illnesses of musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, sindiloarthrosis, osteochondrosis).


Telephone for information:

(+992) 93 726 6666
(+992) 93 736 6666